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Highly Recommended,Experienced Psychic, Clairvoyant

Ciro Circe is a Highly Recommended,Experienced Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium who uses her GIFTS AND GUIDES TO GIVE YOU, YOUR BEST READING.

Ciro's psychic gifts combine to give you nuances and insights that are particular to you.

Many years of recorded predictions that are accurate and years of repeat clients who know and return again and again.

I wish you peace and understanding through knowing your path and choices.

Your test, decisions and choices will determine the changes in your timelines. Therefore I give time estimates and or options.



Have your questions ready. Tell me your concerns. I will ask you questions to make sure we are one target.

You have Options and Decisions; Your actions or inaction can change the Outcome and Timelines. Therefore I give flexible timelines, ask me about your option and we can look and see how they will turn out for you.

If your reading involves a person who has choices or is indecisive I will tell you that is the situation.

Know your Anger, Disbelief and Bitterness will block your energy and therefore you block your reading.

Let me into your energy so you get your best reading.
If you are Testing the Psychic the reading will also break down.
Do not waste your time because my guides just refuse to answer.

I do not give fantasy readings, if you do not want the truth please find someone that will tell you what you wish to hear.

A reading can be more than information. It is a Power exchange, prayer and peace of mind.

I always pray after our reading that you feel better with the knowledge to go forward with confidence.

Please leave enough time for your best reading, a hit and run readings are seldom satisfying.

I often see sequence of events rather than timelines and they take us out into the future, just because an event doesn't happen soon, does not mean it doesn't happen!

Negative feedback means the caller did not like the answers or outcome of their situation or it is a psychic bashing another reader.

I appreciate any kind words in feedback and your taking the time to tell others why they should call me.

Add me to your favorites list! 

"Find the Right Psychic for You"...



Thanks so much for your reading you were great! Even tho I'm broken in so many pieces thanks for your help

A million are amazing...I will definitely be touch...WoW

Thank you Ciro for giving me a very important message about my ex husband health way back in May. I didnt want to hear it and I didnt want to believe it was true. He was so very sick and I am sorry I didnt listen to your earlier warnings of danger. I will listen to your new advice and make sure buddy follows the directions! A true blue psychic, with true blue predictions that actually happen! Thanks so much, Felt accurate and quick. I will call back when I am able too.

I don't leave feedback for every call, but there are a couple of things I want to share. A couple of weeks ago, Ciro told me out of the blue to watch out while driving and be careful with automatic driving. That week as I prepped to make the right on red turn I always make on the way home from work, I remembered these words and looked left one more time as I was turning. A large black suv came out of the shadows and sped towards me. I slammed on my breaks and narrowly avoided being slammed. Definitely saved my car and I from injury or worse. See my other feedback.

Another example to share - Ciro randomly asked me if I knew anyone named Vincent. I told her I didn't, and spent some time trying to figure out who that might be. That weekend, a good friend came in town on leave from the air force. I have seen her through guy trauma, as she dated my roommate for a long time while he never committed to her. I told her that she would find a great guy in the air force, I just knew it. This weekend, she started telling me about a serious relationship with a guy she has met that finally treats her like she deserves. His name is Vincent.

Thanks CC!!! Awesome call just like always, 100% right on the money.. Talk soon...

She rocks! You knew the whole time and you were so right on what they would say and when. She nailed it to the minute. Thank you again. Also you were right about the car problems and of course I will let you know about everything else and how it turns out. AMAZING!

Always accurate, always a great call.

Ciro has great perspective on things and even when she says things I don't want to hear, she can give solid reasons why I should stop and think, and heed her advise. Even though I cared so much for the man who dumped me via an email and was feeling hysterical, she got me laughing again. Love to you, Ciro! Blessings, Vicki

Ciro is so honest....thank you so much for your insight into my many "situations". You are a jewel and a lovely woman. Professional, compassionate, no her. *****

WOW!!! GREAT CALL!! Right on the money with everything..

Another great call Thanks CC!!

Ciro is a *great* advisor, and very on target. I've been calling her for years and I know I can trust her vision and her advice. Call her to see for yourself!

Always right on the money!! Thanks CC so much!! God Bless!!

Great! I didn't have to say anything and she picked up on everything. Thank you!

Ciro predictions are right on. She is the best and i look forward to our chats with her. I know that she is very caring and if i could give her ten stars or more i would. call you will not be disappointed.

You said that he would realize how rude he had been about the party and that he really wasn't trying to go with other girls and that he'd do something, probably while intoxicated, to try to make up for it. Well he dis. He texted me last night to get me to come out. I didn't go, but it's nice to know he was thinking of me and wanting to see me while he was there. That's a good sign I think. I will stay back until I get contact from him and not let him rely on running into me. Thank you.

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Ciro Circe

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